Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wellbutrin is not my best friend

Also, Depakote apparently can cause severe birth defect in my future children. WHOOPDIE DOO. It's not like YOUR CHILD WILL BE BORN WITHOUT A BRAIN (anencephaly, which i advise you not to google because the pictures are disturbing). But it increases the likelihood of birth defects by ten times.

Speaking of anencephaly, this is a heated topic but most women abort babies who, I don't know, are MISSING THEIR FEKKING SKULL CAP. And their frontal lobes. Yes every life matters, but if a child does not have a frontal lobe, it won't survive for more than a few hours. The longest a baby has survived in maybe three days (with the exception of Baby K). And like I said, if you did google, it's disturbing. The child will not only never have a conscious existence, but will be insensitive to pain, deaf, blind, and lack an entire portion of its brain. As in, its brain is exposed.

Granted its rare, but I know for a fact anencephaly is not the only congenital defect, fetal defect, or medical reason for abortion. I'm not saying those women have to get abortions, but they should have the choice.

Only about 1 in 250,000 babies have anencephaly and are actually born.

Wow this is really opinionated in comparison to my other posts.

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