Monday, February 23, 2009


I cannot get over how beautiful this Valentino gown is. Its from the Spring 2009 Collection and its so wonderfully fairytale esque. I think it is impossible to feel ugly in that gown. This model doesn't look at atrociously thin as others. Hey, Gisele Bundchen...didn't you bring back NORMAL models? Why is heroin chic and waif thin coming back into fashion...EW. Just ignore the starved, emaciated model and focus on that beautiful gown. I mean, do designers ENJOY putting beautiful clothing on women starved until they become poles with disproportional, albeit beautiful, heads?

In other news, Prada unveiled some shiteous creations...

That right there is a prime example....WTF IS THAT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE?

But to save your brain for exploding from sheer HIDEOUSNESS and waste of money in the time of recession...

Versace :) Once again, ignore rail thin model...

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