Wednesday, February 18, 2009


For the -2 people who read this blog:

So yes, there are 303,000 websites referencing fear of the Chinese.

Also. Has anybody googled Gingerism? Dude apparently it actually EXISTS and its racism against the gingas. Its a huge problem in England where like some family had to keep moving and some kid got killed.

This puzzles me greatly seeing as one of their PRINCES is a ginger. Tsk tsk, England. Tsk Tsk.

Today was craptastic, as I find most are. The drama teacher went fekking INSANE. It was great, except not. Mostly Creepy.

Like Snuggies.

I now shall include a gratuitious picture of Christian Bale. Life is better with CBale. And Batman. Which by the way, I love.

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