Monday, March 2, 2009

Cynicism and Kanye West

I am guilty of the crime of totally and utterly hating love. Well that was an exaggeration. I hate infatuation/teeange relationships. Now, honestly, you may ask, "How can you HATE love?". It's very possible. For one, it picks to bless only certain people with it's presence and its various forms. It likes to ignore others. No, I am not coming out of a breakup, but I find relationships exceedingly irritating and nauseating. I'm sick of trying to impress the opposite sex. It's worthless and wastes my time. It's like lovebug is skipping over my head when it decides to bite teenagers.

Boyfriends are overrated. Do girls REALLY think that relationship will last? I think love when you find someone who REALLY cares for you is great. I will remain a cynic until one day, God decides to be nice and drop a poor little soul on earth who actually gives a crap about me. I am content with my friends. I am getting tired of the lovey dovey disgusting manufactured infatuation though.

Now, I remain firm when I say I do not at ALL like 808's and Heartbreak by Kanye West. It's all about how he broke up with his girlfriend. GREAT Kanye! BUST OUT THE AUTOTUNE AND WHINE ABOUT YOUR SUPERFICIAL RELATIONSHIP! That will make everything better...But the songs are OKAY, when he starts rapping. Remember that Kanye? Rapping?
I've had Amazing stuck in my head for a while...It's alright, as best. Heartless is te best track, In my humble opinion. Please Kanye, go back to your College Dropout days...Well even Graduation days! Graduation was great!

And for shits and giggles, old school Kanye. This was a year in the hell did he change SO much?


  1. This rant is dedicated to no particular couple, I'm sure...
    But just so you know, I agree 115%. :)

  2. I LOVES YOU MORE. = fail at alerting when commented upon.