Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kashmir and Awesome Guitar Riffs

As I sit in my bedroom, pensively listening to the peacock blue Kashmir by Led Zeppelin, I realize that it is Easter Weekend. Bizarre. I wish I knew Indian holidays. I only know them from what my parents tell me and I never know the dates or times. I hate that I have a deeper connection with Christianity than with my own faith. I love being Hindu. It make me insanely happy and when I can take part in it, I feel good. Happy. Happy.Happy means a lot to me. It's green. Celadon maybe.

It's rainy today so I left my windows open. It stopped raining though :(.

Seven Nation that is a sick guitar riff. It sounds like a bass guitar but I know its not...Remind me to figure out what the hell Jack White is playing here. I hear a whammy bar....that's about it.

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